Steve will be part of The Celebrity Charity Golf Day hosted by The Wigley Group in aid of the Afghanistan Trust on Wednesday 29th May at the Staverton Park De Vere, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 6JT   For more information please go to www.thewigleygroup.com
Celebrity Charity Golf Day & Dinner 29 May 2013
Why & What For?   The Wigley Group will be hosting an extravagant and extremely enjoyable Celebrity Charity Golf   Day & Dinner. The day and dinner will be presented by former paratrooper and sports announcer John McDonald.
After the golf there will be a 3 course dinner where there will be guest speakers headlined by former England footballer and pundit Paul Merson as well as a raffle and a ‘money can’t buy auction’
The aim of this golf day is to raise significant funds and awareness for The Afghanistan Trust who support soldiers and their families who have served with The Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan and who have been wounded or killed as a consequence. To date the Regiment has suffered some 31 loses but just as significant are the 200 plus who have been significantly wounded. As operations in Afghanistan continue the need for funds grow. So please help us support the charity as they strive to: • Provide provisions of welfare services, support and financial assistance and such other charitable means as are necessary. • Promote military efficiency of the Regiment by sustaining the memories of the loss of life and sacrifices made by their soldiers. • Assist soldiers who are wounded to the extent that they can no longer continue in service with their passage into civilian life.


Come along and join Steve on  his Scottish Tour for a great night of darts at one of the following venue’s: Tuesday 16th April at the Abbot, Provost Watt Drive, Aberdeen, AB12 5BT…..Wednesday 17th April at the Lord Byron, Byron Square, Aberdeen, AB16 7LL….. Thursday 18th April at the Murray Bar, The Murray Square, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0BH…..Friday 19th April at the 48 Social Club, 11 Kyleswell Street, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, KA13 6BJ…..Saturday 20th April at The Box, The Tanyard, Cumnock, Ayrshire, KA18 1DP…..Sunday 21st April at the Ravenspark Golf  Club, 13 Kidsneuk, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA12 8SR, this one is a 3.30pm start…..

Europeon Tour UK Open Masters Weekend 8-10th March

THE schedule of play for the UK Masters European Tour event has been confirmed ahead of the 64-player, £100,000 tournament at the Butlins Minehead Resort from March 8-10.

The three-day European Tour event will feature the likes of Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Adrian Lewis, James Wade and Raymond van Barneveld competing for a £20,000 first prize.

Play in Friday’s first round will be split across two stages at the Butlins Minehead Resort, with the main stage being situated in the Skyline Pavilion and featuring ten matches per session in the afternoon and evening.

The stage two games will be held in the Reds Bar area situated just off the Skyline Pavilion.

All games on Saturday and Sunday will be held on the main stage in the Skyline Pavilion.

UK Masters – European Tour Event One
Schedule of Play

Friday March 8

First Round
Afternoon Session (12pm-5pm)
Main Stage
Vincent van der Voort v Tony West
Paul Nicholson v David Pallett
Kim Huybrechts v John Part
Peter Wright v Stuart Kellett
Justin Pipe v Bernd Roith
Dave Chisnall v Darren Webster
Terry Jenkins v Kevin McDine
Ian White v Arron Monk
Mervyn King v Michael Smith
Kevin Painter v Steve West

Stage Two
Brendan Dolan v Reece Robinson
James Hubbard v Nigel Heydon
Mark Webster v Simon Craven
Jamie Caven v Jim Walker
Richie Burnett v Michael Rasztovits
Colin Osborne v Mensur Suljovic

Evening Session (7pm-12am)
Main Stage
Michael van Gerwen v Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson v Ian Moss
Robert Thornton v John Henderson
Wes Newton v Ross Smith
Simon Whitlock v Jarkko Komula
Adrian Lewis v Dave Honey
Raymond van Barneveld v Tomas Seyler
Phil Taylor v Andy Pearce
Andy Hamilton v Daryl Gurney
James Wade v Adam Hunt

Stage Two
Ronnie Baxter v Alan Tabern
Wayne Jones v Jyhan Artut
Colin Lloyd v Brian Woods
Mark Walsh v Paul Rowley
Andy Smith v Keith Rooney
Steve Beaton v Kurt Van De Rijck

2013 Ladbrokes World Darts Championship

The Ladbrokes World Darts Championship started on friday the 14th December at the Alexandra Palace in London. With the favourites all lining up to take centre stage it should be a wonderful event as usual.

Steves first round match is due to start at 7pm on Tuesday the 18th December against Kyle Anderson from Australia. Catch him live on Sky sports and the PDC live website.

A full list of first round matches can be found below.

Good luck Steve 🙂

2013 Ladbrokes World Darts Championship Schedule of Play

Friday December 14 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Robert Thornton v Magnus Caris
8.15pm Andree Welge v Leung Chun Nam (P)
9.00pm Paul Nicholson v Co Stompe
10.00pm Adrian Lewis v Gino Vos
11.00pm Kevin Painter v Welge/Chun Nam

Saturday December 15
Afternoon Session (12pm-5pm)
TipsterDC Unicorn 300×176 2013 PDC World Darts Championship Schedule of Play1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
12.10pm Wayne Jones v Jerry Hendriks
1.15pm Daryl Gurney v Robert Marijanovic (P)
2.00pm Richie Burnett v James Hubbard
3.00pm Terry Jenkins v Steve Brown
4.00pm Andy Smith v Gurney/Marijanovic

Evening Session (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Dave Chisnall v Shane Tichowitsch
8.15pm Max Hopp v Charl Pietersen (P)
9.00pm John Part v Joe Cullen
10.00pm Phil Taylor v Michael Mansell
11.00pm Denis Ovens v Hopp/Pietersen

Sunday December 16 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Brendan Dolan v Mark Jones
8.15pm Jarkko Komula v Jani Haavisto (P)
9.00pm Andy Hamilton v James Richardson
10.00pm Raymond van Barneveld v Michael Smith
11.00pm Gary Anderson v Komula/Jaavisto

Monday December 17 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Peter Wright v Arron Monk
8.15pm Carlos Rodriguez v John Bowles (P)
9.00pm Mark Webster v Ian White
10.00pm James Wade v Peter Hudson
11.00pm Jamie Caven v Rodriguez/Bowles

Tuesday December 18 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Steve Beaton v Kyle Anderson
8.15pm Lourence Ilagan v Jamie Lewis (P)
9.00pm Wes Newton v Johnny Haines
10.00pm Mervyn King v Dean Winstanley
11.00pm Colin Osborne v Ilagan/J Lewis

Wednesday December 19 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Justin Pipe v Andy Jenkins
8.15pm Haruki Muramatsu v Dave Harrington (P)
9.00pm Ronnie Baxter v Dennis Priestley
10.00pm Colin Lloyd v Darin Young
11.00pm Simon Whitlock v Muramatsu/Harrington

Thursday December 20 (7pm-12am)
1x Preliminary Round, 4x First Round
7.10pm Mark Walsh v Darren Webster
8.15pm Paul Lim v Mohd Latif Sapup (P)
9.00pm Kim Huybrechts v Scott Rand
10.00pm Vincent van der Voort v Stuart Kellett
11.00pm Michael van Gerwen v Lim/Sapup

Friday December 21
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Second Round
12.40pm Hamilton/Richardson v Burnett/Hubbard
2.00pm Chisnall/Tichowitsch v A Smith/Gurney/Marijanovic
3.20pm Anderson/Komula/Haavisto v Caven/Rodriguez/Bowles

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
3x Second Round
7.10pm T Jenkins/Brown v Part/Cullen
8.30pm Nicholson/Stompe v Thornton/Caris
9.50pm Taylor/Mansell v W Jones/Hendriks

Saturday December 22
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Second Round
12.40pm Painter/Welge/Chun Nam v Baxter/Priestley
2.00pm M Webster/White v Lloyd/Young
3.20pm van Barneveld/M Smith v Dolan/M Jones

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
3x Second Round
7.10pm Newton/Haines v Huybrechts/Rand
8.30pm Whitlock/Muramatsu/Harrington v Osborne/Ilagan/J Lewis
9.50pm A Lewis/Vos v Ovens/Hopp/Pietersen

Sunday December 23
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Second Round
12.40pm Pipe/A Jenkins v Walsh/D Webster
2.00pm King/Winstanley v van der Voort/Kellett
3.20pm Wade/Hudson v Beaton/K Anderson

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
1x Second Round, 2x Third Round
7.10pm van Gerwen/Lim/Sapup v Wright/Monk
8.30pm Hamilton/Richardson/Burnett/Hubbard v T Jenkins/Brown/Part/Cullen
9.50pm Taylor/Mansell/W Jones/Hendriks v Nicholson/Stompe/Thornton/Caris

Thursday December 27
Afternoon Session (12.30pm-4.30pm)
3x Third Round
12.40pm Whitlock/Muramatsu/Harrington/Osborne/Ilagan/J Lewis v Chisnall/Tichowitsch/A Smith/Gurney/Marijanovic
2.00pm G Anderson/Komula/Haavisto/Caven/Rodriguez/Bowles v van Barneveld/M Smith/Dolan/M Jones
3.20pm Newton/Haines/Huybrechts/Rand v Pipe/A Jenkins/Walsh/D Webster

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
3x Third Round
7.10pm van Gerwen/Lim/Sapup/Wright/Monk v M Webster/White/Lloyd/Young
8.30pm A Lewis/Vos/Ovens/Hopp/Pietersen v Painter/Welge/Chun Nam/Baxter/Priestley
9.50pm Wade/Hudson/Beaton/K Anderson v King/Winstanley/van der Voort/Kellett

Friday December 28 (7pm-11pm)
2x Quarter-Finals

Saturday December 29 (7pm-11pm)
2x Quarter-Finals

Sunday December 30 (7pm-11pm)

Tuesday January 1 (8pm-11pm)

The schedule of play is subject to change at the discretion of the PDC and Sky Sports. Any changes would be notified as soon as possible at www.pdc.tv. Times of matches listed above is approximate and for guidance only.

Preliminary Round – Best of Seven Legs (no tie-break)
First Round – Best of Five Sets
Second Round – Best of Seven Sets
Third Round – Best of Seven Sets
Quarter-Finals – Best of Nine Sets
Semi-Finals – Best of 11 Sets
Final – Best of 13 Sets
All Sets are the best of five legs.
For all matches using the Sets format, there will be a tie-break in the deciding set only, where the final set must be won by two clear legs until the score in that set reaches 5-5. Should that situation occur, then a sudden-death leg will be played, before which the players will throw first for the bull to determine who throws first in the sudden-death leg.