2017 Unibet World Grand Prix Citywest Hotel Dublin 1st-7th Oct

Schedule of Play

Sunday October 1 (7pm)

First Round x8

Alan Norris v Justin Pipe

Joe Cullen v Darren Webster

Steve Beaton v Rob Cross

Robert Thornton v Kim Huybrechts

Raymond van Barneveld v Kyle Anderson

Adrian Lewis v Daryl Gurney

Michael van Gerwen v John Henderson

Dave Chisnall v Jelle Klaasen

Monday October 2 (7pm)

First Round x8

Benito van de Pas v Cristo Reyes

Mervyn King v Ronny Huybrechts

Steve West v James Wade

Simon Whitlock v Christian Kist

Mensur Suljovic v Ian White

Michael Smith v Gerwyn Price

Gary Anderson v Richard North

Peter Wright v Stephen Bunting

Tuesday October 3 (7pm)

Second Round x4

Chisnall/Klaasen v Thornton/K Huybrechts

Lewis/Gurney v Cullen/Webster

Van Gerwen/Henderson v Norris/Pipe

Van Barneveld/K Anderson v Beaton/Cross

Wednesday October 4 (7pm)

Second Round x4

Smith/Price v Van de Pas/Reyes

Suljovic/White v West/Wade

G Anderson/North v Whitlock/Kist

Wright/Bunting v King/R Huybrechts

Thursday October 5 (7pm)


Friday October 6 (7pm)


Saturday October 7 (8pm)

Unibet World Grand Prix Final







2017 European Tour Event 11 – HappyBet International Darts Open

September 22-24 2017, SACHSENarena, Riesa

 Schedule of play

Friday September 22

First Round

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Brendan Dolan v Andy Hamilton

Steve Lennon v Simon Stevenson

Darren Webster v Luke Woodhouse

Justin Pipe v Christian Kist

Dragutin Horvat v Chris Quantock

Dimitri Van den Bergh v William O’Connor

Ron Meulenkamp v Mick McGowan

Bernd Roith v Josh Payne

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)

John Michael v Nandor Bezzeg

Keegan Brown v Michael Plooy

Max Hopp v Mark Webster

Ted Evetts v Ronny Huybrechts

Vincent van der Voort v Peter Jacques

Martin Schindler v Richie Corner

Dennis Nilsson v Steve Beaton

Jerry Hendriks v Kyle Anderson

Saturday September 23

Second Round

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Gerwyn Price v Steve Lennon/Simon Stevenson

Ian White v Keegan Brown/Michael Plooy

Jelle Klaasen v Brendan Dolan/Andy Hamilton

Mervyn King v John Michael/Nandor Bezzeg

Kim Huybrechts v Justin Pipe/Christian Kist

Cristo Reyes v Ted Evetts/Ronny Huybrechts

Benito van de Pas v Vincent van der Voort/Peter Jacques

Joe Cullen v Martin Schindler/Richie CornerEvening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)

Dave Chisnall v Darren Webster/Luke Woodhouse

Daryl Gurney v Dennis Nilsson/Steve Beaton

Michael Smith v Rony Meulenkamp/Mick McGowan

Peter Wright v Dragutin Horvat/Chris Quantock

Rob Cross v Bernd Roith/Josh Payne

Mensur Suljovic v Dimitri Van den Bergh/William O’Connor

Alan Norris v Max Hopp/Mark Webster

Simon Whitlock v Jerry Hendriks/Kyle Anderson

Sunday September 24

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Third Round Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)




All games are the best of 11 legs. Sunday’s games will be played in draw bracket order.



Friday 11th August: Railway Inn, Chester Road, Helsby, Frodsham, WA6 0AN
Saturday 12th August: The Royal British Legion, 2 Bank Street, Brechin, DD9 6AX


So very pleased to be part of this prestigious tournament once again !!!!
The Betvictor World Matchplay is held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool from the 22nd-30th July.
It’s the tournament every darts player loves !!!! See draw below!!!!

2017 BetVictor World Matchplay
Draw Bracket
Michael van Gerwen (1) v Stephen Bunting
Simon Whitlock (16) v Kyle Anderson
Phil Taylor (8) v Gerwyn Price
Raymond van Barneveld (9) v Joe Cullen
Dave Chisnall (5) v Mervyn King
Kim Huybrechts (12) v Alan Norris
Adrian Lewis (4) v Steve Beaton
Ian White (13) v Rob Cross
Gary Anderson (2) v Christian Kist
Benito van de Pas (15) v Daryl Gurney
Mensur Suljovic (7) v John Henderson
Jelle Klaasen (10) v Justin Pipe
James Wade (6) v Darren Webster
Michael Smith (11) v Steve West
Peter Wright (3) v James Wilson
Robert Thornton (14) v Cristo Reyes


THE WIGLEY GROUP GOLF OPEN & GALA DINNERWEDNESDAY, JULY 19 2017The 5th Wigley Group Golf Open & Gala Dinner will tee off this year atStaverton Park De Vere, near Daventry.The star-studded event will raise money for The Wigley Support Fund – a new initiative to retrain soldiers identified by the Parachute Regiment charity Support Our Paras. The Wigley Group Golf Open & Gala Dinner has raised £63,000 for Support Our Paras over the past four years.Former England football player and manager Kevin Keegan OBE will be our special guest and dinner speaker,and help present individual and team prizes. Other highlights will be our fantastic sporting memorabiliaauction and live music from Darren Lowes.

2017 Gibraltar Darts Trophy May 12th-14th at the Victoria Stadium

THE draw for the 2017 Gibraltar Darts Trophy has been made ahead of this weekend’s PDC European Tour event at the .

The £135,000 tournament sees a 48-player field competing from May 12-14, with the action streamed worldwide for PDCTV-HD Subscribers worldwide and through a series of bookmakers’ websites.

Friday’s first round will see the 32 qualifiers in action, with the field to be completed on Thursday evening with the Host Nation Qualifier for players from Gibraltar.

Friday’s action includes former Lakeside Champions Seve Beaton and Christian Kist taking on Mike De Decker and Ronny Huybrechts respectively.

Former European Tour winner Justin Pipe plays Wales’ Jonny Clayton, while former Players Championship Finals winner Paul Nicholson takes on emerging Englishman Chris Quantock.

The 16 seeded players enter the tournament in Saturday’s second round, with former Gibraltar Darts Trophy champion James Wade and 2017 UK Open winner Peter Wright headlining the field.

The event then concludes on Sunday, with the third round in the afternoon session before the evening session features the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

Adrian Lewis has withdrawn from the event for family reasons, and will be replaced by a fifth Host Nation Qualifier.

Tickets for the Gibraltar Darts Trophy are still available through www.buytickets.gi, and will also be available at the Victoria Stadium on each day.

2017 Gibraltar Darts Trophy
Draw Bracket (Second Round Onwards)

Peter Wright (1) v Ritchie Edhouse/Krzysztof Ratajski
Stephen Bunting (16) v Paul Nicholson/Chris Quantock
Gerwyn Price (8) v HNQ4/Darren Johnson
Alan Norris (9) v HNQ2/Matt Clark
James Wade (5) v Dimitri Van den Bergh/HNQ5
Michael Smith (12) v Christian Kist/Ronny Huybrechts
Dave Chisnall (4) v Jonny Clayton/Justin Pipe
Joe Cullen (13) v Mario Robbe/Rob Cross
Mensur Suljovic (2) v Jeffrey de Zwaan/Alan Tabern
Cristo Reyes (15) v Matthew Dennant/James Richardson
Benito van de Pas (7) v Martin Schindler/Callan Rydz
Jelle Klaasen (10) v Magnus Caris/HNQ1
Kim Huybrechts (6) v James Wilson/HNQ3
Ian White (11) v Rene Eidams/John Henderson
Simon Whitlock (3) v Steve Beaton/Mike De Decker
Daryl Gurney (14) v Richie Corner/Darren Webster

Schedule of Play
Friday May 12

First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Alan Tabern
Jonny Clayton v Justin Pipe
Richie Corner v Darren Webster
Matthew Dennant v James Richardson
HNQ2 v Matt Clark
Martin Schindler v Callan Rydz
Magnus Caris v HNQ1
Paul Nicholson v Chris Quantock

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
Mario Robbe v Rob Cross
Rene Eidams v John Henderson
Ritchie Edhouse v Krzysztof Ratajski
Steve Beaton v Mike De Decker
James Wilson v HNQ3
Christian Kist v Ronny Huybrechts
HNQ4 v Darren Johnson
Dimitri Van den Bergh v HNQ5

Saturday May 13
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
Cristo Reyes v Dennant/Richardson
Daryl Gurney v Corner/Webster
Alan Norris v HNQ2/Clark
Benito van de Pas v Schindler/Rydz
Stephen Bunting v Nicholson/Quantock
Jelle Klaasen v Caris/HNQ1
Michael Smith v Kist/R Huybrechts
Joe Cullen v Robbe/Cross

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
Gerwyn Price v HNQ4/Johnson
Mensur Suljovic v De Zwaan/Tabern
Dave Chisnall v Clayton/Pipe
Peter Wright v Edhouse/Ratajski
James Wade v Van den Bergh/HNQ5
Kim Huybrechts v Wilson/HNQ3
Ian White v Eidams/Henderson
Simon Whitlock v Beaton/De Decker

Sunday May 14
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Third Round

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)

All games are the best of 11 legs