🎯 Recap of SUPER SERIES 1 🎯
Steve will enter the UK Open on Friday in good form! Averaging mid 90s in 7 of his 10 matches last week is a great sign of fighting back to the top 🔥🔝 The powerful quarter final run on Day 2 has been outstanding, but even on the other days Steve could only be beaten in very tight games.
Steve brought back his gold and blue darts, but with black points instead of his familiar silver knurled ones. It seemed like the new points were sticking in the board more secure 🎯
PC1 – Round 2
PC2 – QF 🔥
PC3 – Round 2
PC4 – Round 1
📈 Stats over all matches in Super Series 1:
Win 6 – Lose 4 / Winnig legs 51 – Losing legs 48 / AVG 92.8 / DO 37% / 180s 18 / Highest Finish 141
After Super Series 1 Steve takes 28th place in the 2021 Players Championship Order of Merit, superb start to the new season on floor!
Let’s cheer for a similar start on stage this Friday at the UK Open, All the best Steve for your match with Mark McGeeney 🤞🎯